Frequently asked questions

What is FoodAzma Customer Care Number?

We value our customer’s time and hence moved away from a single customer care number to a comprehensive chat-based support system for quick and easy resolution. You no longer have to go through the maze of an IVRS call support. Just chat with us. A customer care executive will be assigned to you shortly. You can also email us your issue on or Call Directly 9127565365

I want to provide feedback

Yes! You Can Provide Your Feedback by mailing us at or Through Social Media Platfrom Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

I want to cancel my order

We will do our best to accommodate your request if the Instant order is Not made. Instant Order will Only be Canceld if you cancel it within 5 Min. Bulk Orders Cant be canceld once it is booked .Daily Meal Can't be canceld once your plan is activated,If you are not available to receive the food then your food will be donated for "Mission Kill Hunger"to support the needy people.Please note that we will have a right to charge a cancellation fee up to full order value to compensate our Kitchen and delivery partners if your order has been confirmed.

Will FoodAzma be accountable for quality/quantity?

Yes FoodAzma takes the responsibility of both Quality and Quantity of the food which is provided to you exclusively From FoodAzma Mega Kitchens. However in case of issues with the quality or quantity, kindly submit your feedback and we will try to Resolve it.

Is there a minimum order value?

We have no minimum order value and you can order for any amount.

Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery fee varies from city to city and as per the Delivery Loaction.

How long do you take to deliver?

Standard delivery time varies with the locations selected and prevailing conditions. Once you select your location, an estimated delivery time is mentioned for each Area of Oprational Citys.

What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours vary for different locations. Stander Delivery hour of FoodAzma is 10:30 AM to 11:30PM

Can I order from any location?

Orders are accepted only in those locations where FoodAzma is actively operating.

Do you support bulk orders?

Yes We support bulk orders. In order to provide all customers with a great selection and to ensure on time delivery of your meal, we reserve the right to limit the quantities depending on supply.

I want an invoice for my order

generally Invoice is genarated automatically, if in any cases invoice is not genarated you can mail us at

What is FoodAzma Kill Hunger Mission ?

"Kill Hunger" is an initiative taken by team FOODAZMA which focuses on feeding the street kids/ beggars/ ragpickers and abandoned street dogs. We provide fresh meals to our consumers everyday and hence the remaining food after delivery is donated directly to the needy and hungry one's. FOODAZMA is not just a profit seeking organisation, it also carries a very noble intention of feeding the hunger of the needy people. Our monthly meal subscribers can donate the meals which aren't taken by them for any reason
Hence, each one of them is a donor and a soldier of our Kill Hunger Mission.
Our end goal is to see an India where nobody sleeps hungry.

Is FoodAzma India's Best and Low Price Food Provider?

Yes, is Indias Leading and Low Cost Daily Meal Provider beacuse #FoodMatters .FoodAzma Provides daily meal at a very low price considering both Quality & Quantity.



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