15 Days Lunch & Dinner Package 

 Lunch + Dinner 

Lunch : Veg Thali (Rice,Mix Veg Curry,Green Salad,Dal,Chutney,Pickle & Papd.


Dinner: Non Veg Thali (Rice,Fish/Egg/Chicken Curry,Green Sald,Dal,Chutney,Pickle & Papd)


Note * (1) If You are  Vegetarian You Can take Veg thali at dinner also we provide  2 Veg Curry's for Vegetarian.

             (2) For Non-Veg We Provide any of these curry at a time Egg or Chicken or Fish (Decided By FoodAzma Only)

15 Day's Lunch & Dinner Package


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Once Monthly Meal Plane is Mark Fullfilled and its Started after that Coustomer Can't Resume or cancel the Service.